Here is a real example we discovered of how our competitor's product had to be taped together to make them hold up.


To not be as good as ours, that is.

In the past 5 years since we created and started manufacturing our DrawerBoxes™ a couple of companies have started producing cheap imitations. They can't copy us exactly since that would infringe on our patents. So they have settled for producing low cost, low quality copies.

We know because we have heard numerous complaints about them.

We have always stood behind the quality of our products and the claims we make. Now we are going one step further. We will stand behind the fact that our DrawerBoxes are significantly stronger and longer lasting than any box made by any other product that claims to be stackable and function like a drawer.

If you are one of those hapless collectors that have been drawn in by exaggerated claims because:
. Our imitators units could not be stacked 6 high or began collapsing under the weight of units stacked above it.
. Your long or short boxes did not fit despite claims their product would fit any manufacturer.
. Your long or short boxes did not hold up when used like a drawer.
. The long or short box did not hang open when fully extended like a true drawer should.
. Or if any other problem due to their low quality materials and design.

We will refund $3.00 off the purchase price of every DrawerBox you order from us as a replacement.

Here's how it works:

When you order DrawerBoxes fax us a copy of your invoice or receipt for the shell or housing you purchased from another company along with our Competitor Warranty Request. If you purchased it at a store it can be a store receipt. We will deduct $3.00 for each DrawerBox you order from your credit card charge upon receipt. Please note that to do this we MUST receive your fax by Midnight Mountain Time on the day you place your order.

We will refund $3.00 for each DrawerBox up to the quantity shown on your receipt. That is, if you order 15 DrawerBoxes but send us a receipt for 10 of an imitation product you will get a deduction of $30.00.

This offer is limited to one order per customer. There is no limit to the number of units or receipts you can include in the order, but you can only submit once.

Oh, and no others discounts can be applied with this one. Then again, with a deal like this why do you need more?

How can we make such a remarkable guarantee? Simple. We never cut corners in making our DrawerBoxes as good as we can. It would be easy for us to make them out of low quality 200 lb. test cardboard, or try to save money by having them made in China with recycled paper. And over the years we have made several refinements to our original design. And we have repeatedly stress tested our products in an independent testing lab to ensure that quality is maintained. No other manufacturer can make those claims.

But don't take our word for it. Compare our genuine DrawerBoxes™ to any other product and see for yourself.

Competitor Warranty Request Form

DrawerBoxes, stackable cardboard comic book boxes with drawers that create a file cabinet storage system for organizing your comic book collection, making them more accessible. The ultimate comic book supply.

NOW you can store up over 1400 comics in a floor space just two square feet, or store over 4200 comics in a small closet AND HAVE EVERY COMIC AT YOUR FINGERTIPS WITH ABSOLUTELY NO LIFTING!

Each 9" X 26" LONG box holds up to 235 and 9" X 18" SHORT box holds 145 bagged and boarded comics.

Short enough to fit lengthwise in many closets.

Each box is designed to support up to five boxes filled with comics on top of it without collapsing.

They will even support the other boxes if the bottom drawer is completely removed.

Handles at either end to make them portable.

Four dividers included with each box.

Ends reinforced with 4 layers of cardboard so they withstand pulling, unlike regular boxes, and handles at either end to make the portable.

Four dividers included with each box that can be used as Upright dividers when used with our optional BoxSort rails.


We have received complaints from some customers about boxes with drawers that they have purchased that have not been as durable as we advertise. Upon investigation we have found that the boxes they were using were not DrawerBoxes™, but are actually imitations that were sold to them as our product.


Genuine DrawerBoxes™ are made to proprietary specifications, including upgraded materials to provide durability. Genuine DrawerBoxes can be distinguished from these counterfeits by looking for our trademarked logo on the front. Genuine DrawerBoxes™ also bear a boxmaker's certificate on the bottom of the drawer and the flap on the front of the shell. These seals are your guarantee of quality.

The counterfeit ones have blank fronts like our original production run 2 years ago, but also have the thinner mouth around the front edge of the shell like we use in our later production runs. We understand that they are also being sold without dividers.

We regret that since these counterfeits are not our product, we cannot accept returns when the product fails.



DrawerBoxes, the Drawer Box Logo, BoxSort, BoxLox Logo & Easy Access Logos are trademarks of The Collection Drawer Co., a T.M.A., Inc. company. All rights reserved.










































































































































Unsolicited Quote
of the Month

"I don't know where I'd be as a collector without your product; in fact, if traditional long boxes were the only option, I probably wouldn't be a collector anymore. Many thanks!" -- Jeremy


This is it! The moment customers and retailers have requested from us for years!

We are very excited to debut our new combination magazine/CGC size DrawerBox™ at C2E2. This is the first combination box made that will both fit virtually any magazine published and CGC “slabs” for comics. Like our comic DrawerBoxes it is not just a top loading box, but a fully featured and stackable drawer design that makes every issue in a collection immediately accessible with no lifting.

The magazine drawer has a spacious 9 ½” width and has an inside clearance of 13”. The length is 18”, giving it the highest capacity of any magazine box made. The length was selected to match our short comic DrawerBox, enabling collectors to stack them side-by-side and still have a neat flush appearance.

The key in developing this design lies in its unique triple wall construction. The support sleeve utilizes a double wall construction, custom made of heavier weight materials than any other cardboard box. In addition the shell meets an Edge Crush Test rating (the industry standard for determining stacking strength) exceeding 44# p/inch. We felt this was necessary since many magazines are printed on gloss paper, which is much heavier than comics, and CGC slabs add weight to the comics they encapsulate. We wanted the same degree of stackability that made our comic DrawerBoxes so popular.

The magazine DrawerBox is designed to accept our patent protected BoxLox Box Anchors to increase their stacking strength and stability, including eliminating the risk of the top unit tipping. It will also accommodate our BoxSort Upright Divider system for organizing contents and keeping issues standing upright, making it a complete storage system.

Even more unique is our new design for our patent protected locking tab that prevents the drawer from being withdrawn too far, spilling its contents. By simply lifting the drawer upwards the tab will release if someone wants to withdraw it entirely.

Here is a link to a recent review that tells more about them:
http://bamcc-bam.blogspot.com/ 2010/06/magazine-drawerboxes.html


It is very typical for customers who try our DrawerBoxes to decide to convert their entire collection. For that reason we offer volume discounts for large orders.

Order 25 long or short DrawerBoxes and receive a $1.00 discount on every unit, a more than 10% savings. Order 50 or more and receive a $2.00 discount on every unit. Now you can get a DrawerBox for as little as $6.75 plus shipping.

Even better, order 40 longs or 45 shorts and you will also qualify for UPS' discounted shipping rate. We never charge more than we have to pay for shipping, and any savings UPS provides is passed on to you as well.


  • No top box tipping
  • Improve stability for partially full boxes
  • Even better long term stacking strength

For some time we have been working on a major enhancement that we think will take our DrawerBox concept to the next level. We know that many people have been doubtful about the usefulness of DrawerBoxes because they believed that they would tip forward when the drawer was pulled open, making them awkward to use. While this was never a problem except for the top box, now even the top box can be pulled open to its fullest extent without any concern about tipping.

How do we accomplish this? We are excited to introduce our BoxLox™ box anchoring system. This is a unique system of clips that are only available with DrawerBoxes. The clips attach the sides of the shells to each other, creating a unified bank in which each DrawerBox stabilizes the other. When a drawer on the top level is pulled open, it is held in position by the others without requiring something on top of it to counterbalance it. And when BoxLox are used on the lower boxes, the clips will provide more stacking strength by securing the sides of the shells to each other and keeping the sides of each level centered properly above the sides of the unit below. This ensures that the support sleeves create a column, transferring the weight of the stack to the floor.

But we have not forgotten about the loyal customers that have already purchased DrawerBoxes in the past. Boxlox require heavier cardboard to work properly and DrawerBoxes have always been manufactured with heavier weight material to provide extra strength. Because of this, existing units can be easily modified to accept the BoxLox and we have templates we can make available upon request.

We think these improvements will ensure that DrawerBoxes will remain the best storage system available for storing your collection. Why would you accept any substitute?


Well, yes we can sell just shells. You can call us to order direct. However, we do not ordinarily offer that option because our experience has shown that most customers quickly become dissatisfied with that option.

Keep in mind that our DrawerBoxes are designed to be an integrated system. They are a mechanical device, not just a storage box. Like any mechanical device, to work properly all the parts must fit so they work together. Click HERE for more information.

Before attempting to use a regular long or short box as a drawer you should try this simple test: Fill your current long (or short) box full of comics and set it on the floor. While holding the handle, pull the box across the floor the length of the box. Then push it back to its original position. Then grab the handle again and repeat this procedure approximately 100 times. This is duplicating the force you are putting on the front of the box in only one year assuming it is opened twice per week. Most long boxes will bend and tear as the cardboard breaks down in this simple test.



































































































































































We are excited to introduce
our latest feature
BoxSort™ Upright Dividers

What is an "Upright" Divider?

You've probably had the same experience we have had with comics that kept sliding around and falling over when a long or short box is only partially filled, sometimes causing bent issues and small cracks in the spines. And you've probably tried to solve the problem by keeping the box as full as possible. But then, when you add issues, there is no room for them, which means you need to move comics from one box to another as your collection grows. No matter how many regular dividers you use, it's still a lot of work to keep your collection organized.

BoxSort Upright Dividers actually hold your comics upright in the box and keep them from sliding around, no matter how few comics you have in it. And as the drawer fills, the divider can be adjusted by moving it back, accommodating any quantity.

But here's the best part: By using multiple Upright Dividers in a drawer, you can even create sections for each title and, if you prefer, create open spaces between titles so you have room to add more issues later. BoxSort Upright Dividers can help you sort and keep your collection organized like you have never been able to do before.

We (modestly, we hope) think BoxSort Upright Dividers are the coolest invention...but don't take our word for it. Here is what some of our customers have said about them:

"I received my order of upright dividers today and couldn't wait to get them installed. I only ordered one group of 5 to see what I thought before ordering more. I wasn't disappointed. They are amazing in their simplicity. The best thing to happen to my collection since, well, DrawerBoxes. :) I no longer need to stuff the backs of my boxes with foam to keep the comics upright. Great job. I'm ordering enough for the rest of my boxes now."
- Ben Sweetser

"You guys have made comic collecting soooooooo much easier, exciting and amazing. Thank you so much for this invention!" - Miguel Gines, California

"Thanks for the rail samples. I love them! I now have a whopping 46 drawers in my collection and I can't thank you guys enough for this product! Looking forward to future sales!" - Sam Haine

Read full reviews here and here.

We are so excited about this new feature that all drawers now include four Upright Dividers. All you have to do is order the optional BoxSort rails to have the BoxSort Upright divider system in any boxes you choose. *

Already have DrawerBoxes? Not a problem. We have retrofitting kits available so the BoxSort Upright Dividers can be added to any DrawerBox.*

* Note – BoxSort Upright Dividers and rails will only fit in genuine DrawerBoxes. They are not compatible with typical long or short boxes.

"I am a disabled veteran and due to certain medical issues was unable to enjoy my collection in my old long boxes and short boxes. Then I bought your product at the suggestion of my favorite store's owner as a better storage solution and man was Keith ever right. I was able to organize and stack my collection for easy access in less then a day, and the drawers are so much easier to open and close. It was so much easier compared to having to lift a heavy box after heavy box, something I wasn't able to do due to my injuries. DrawerBoxes gave me my hobby back, and better yet, let me continue enjoying without fear of improper storage or loss of access to my treasures. Thank you DrawerBoxes and The Collection Drawer Co."!

-- Chris, Comic book Collector for 26 years